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Hello to anyone who is reading this blog.

After what seems to have been many trials and errors, I finally decided to re-visit the joy of blogging. I feel that I never really gave it my full efforts in the past and therefore am ready to give it my all this time around.

For anyone interested in what this blog will entail, to be honest I can not give a definite answer as to what niche I will fill. I just know that I love anything related to food. Food for me, is the quintessential bringing together of people. No matter what culture, age, religion you are from, gather around a table full of delicious foods and no one cares about the differences.

I am completely excited to start this experience and look forward to anyone who is slightly inspired about any meals or posts I show along the way. Whether it be something I whipped up for a quick dinner after work, a long-prepared thought out meal for a special occasion, or just some food journeys I encounter along the way.

I am in no way an expert, nor do I claim to be. I really am just figuring it out as I go. The passion is always there and the love for food has never gone away. I continue to experiment in the kitchen, and fail at times, but have yet to throw down the wooden spoon and surrender. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind, that no matter how many meals I make and start to think I am getting the hang of this, I still manage to burn the toast every other day.

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